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Terms and condtions

These are the terms and conditions on which the user of What a Holiday are obliged to agree on. You should probably go through these terms and conditions before you start using the What a Holiday website. For getting any information related to traveling, making a booking with us is important. This document will keep us bonded in a good and friendly manner for any future dealings.

If you disagree with our terms and conditions then you can opt for other companies which are offering better opportunities. If you have any other concerns and you want to get clear information regarding the conditions that we have to offer, then you can contact us through the telephone number or at info@whataholiday.co.uk.   


  • Our agreement and contract with you
  • Conditions for delivery of the booking
  • Information about cancellations or booking changes
  • The terms and conditions on which flights are booked
  • Payment conditions
  • Passport, Visa, and Health requirements
  • Other terms and conditions

Agreement and Contract:

  1. By booking, we mean the demand for services and facilities available on our website which we provide to our customers. Orders and Payments will be received by What a Holiday. And when we receive the full payment of the packages, we will send you a verification email. That email will include all the information regarding our settled agreement. The email can be from any of our agents or under the name of What a Holiday.
  2. Everything that is showcased on the website means it is available, if anything is not mentioned then it means that it is not available at the moment. What a Holiday offers a lot of things, whether you want to book a flight or a whole package which includes the hotel’s reservations, traveling facilities, guides, etc.

We, at What a Holiday is working as distributors in terms of the services available under different names. You will find products on our website that actually belong to other parties and have nothing to do with our deal. We are just mediating you to the other service providers like airlines, hotels, other traveling service providers etc. the agreements with other service providers will belong to you and that party. We act as a third party and we don’t take any extra burden of responsibility.

We, at What a Holiday highly stress the importance of insured trips. Any situation can come when neither What a Holiday nor the other travel contractors will take the responsibility.

Travel Suppliers:

We are the third party with the traveler dealers. Our collaborators like Hotels, car suppliers, airlines, and other service providers will be termed as ‘Traveler Suppliers’.

In any case, you have directly agreed with them on their terms and What a Holiday does not have anything to do with that. You will have to keep complete assurances of the validity of the product etc. to yourself for avoiding any bad circumstances.

We declare that What a Holiday is not holding any responsibility for the products that are provided by the travel suppliers. Any assurance, any guarantee, or any complaint that you have to make regarding the products provided by the traveler suppliers, you would have to make it to them. They are responsible and you should contact them directly.

Travel Suppliers Conditions:

The following are the conditions which relate to all the products and amenities which are booked through our site.

The Travel Contractor’s terms and conditions (including the airline’s terms and conditions of carriage) will apply in addition to those set out here. The Traveler Suppliers terms and conditions may or may not include the supplies related to payment processes, evasion, accountability, terminations, variations of bookings and repayments (if available), and any other limitations. As you move through the site, you will see contacts through the terms applying to the specific Traveler Dealer Products. You are directed to read all of those terms very carefully. However, do refer to your specific traveler supplier for getting full particulars as to the appropriate terms and conditions.

You are accountable for fulfilling airline or other travel supplier circumstances in relation to check-in times, reconfirmation of flights, or any other things. There are certain terms and conditions which apply to the air prices. For example, ‘economy-restricted’ tickets are mostly not changeable and non-refundable.

Flight Booking Terms and Conditions:

Use EDCT to set out for the journey. For traveling internationally, you need to get to the airport at least 120 minutes before. If you are flying domestically then you need to reach the airport at least 90 minutes before.

Do remember to reconfirm your flight at least 72 hours before you actually have to travel.

If you do not re-confirm the flight then you can miss your flight because it can get terminated. It is common amongst the popular airlines that they have the right of cancelling the whole bookings. Again, What a Holiday is not responsible for any changes in the flight schedule or any cancellation of flight bookings. We deal with our customers via email for providing any assistance that they may require. Our recommendation to the customers is that please check and re-confirm your reserved seats before flying.

We, at What a Holiday have no hold on the distribution of seats and can’t guarantee you that you will get the same seats you booked. It is totally between you and the airline through which you got the seats booked. We are also not responsible for the cost of remission between the airports and stations. It can happen that the flights you booked are at a good fare but they are not direct. Sometimes due to technical reasons, the route and the plain might need to be changed.

Direct Flights and Non-Direct Flights:

Direct flights only have stops on the way to a destination only if re-fueling is required. A schedule based on a 24-hour round clock will be given to you. Direct and non-stop flights also differ from each other.

Non-stop flights land on the destination without making a stop for refueling or layovers.

Financial Protection:

Flight only: We provide financial protection for some, not all of our flight-only services through our Air Travel Organizers License number 74904 issued by Civil Aviation Authority, Gatwick Airport South, West Sussex, TH6 0YR telephone 0204 518 6555, or by email info@whataholiday.co.uk. On buying ATOL-protected flights from us, you will receive an ATOL certificate. If you have not received an ATOL certificate then your flight will not be ATOL protected. Flight Package: When we sell a flight package for an agent of some organizer then you will receive an ATOL of your organizer. You will also be protected by the organizers ATOL and that ATOL holder’s name and number will be detailed in your flight booking confirmation.  When we apply our flight package as an organizer then refer to Clause 5 of Section B which will be applied. When your flight is ATOL protected then we or suppliers of the services will provide you with services you have bought or provide you with any other suitable alternative.  In the case, in which neither we nor the supplier can do so for the reasons of insolvency then you will provide an alternative ATOL holder. You will get the services which you bought or any other suitable alternative at the same price. You will have to agree that in those circumstances, the alternative ATOL holder will perform those responsibilities and you would have to pay unpaid money under your contract to that alternative ATOL holder. You have to agree that in some cases it might not be possible to employ an alternative ATOL holder. In this case, you will be entitled to make a claim under the ATOL scheme (or your credit card issuer wherever applicable). If we, or the suppliers recognized on your ATOL certificate, are unable to provide the services listed or other suitable alternatives through an ATOL  holder or otherwise, due to insolvency, The trustees of Air Travel will make a payment to you under your ATOL scheme. You agree upon the fact that in return of such a payment of benefit you will not raise any claims related to the non-provision of the services against the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust, the travel agent, and against us (and your credit card issuer wherever applicable). You will also have to agree that any such claims can be re-assigned to the body if that body has paid sums that you have claimed under the ATOL scheme. Non-flight Package: In this, we act as an agent organized by a third party. We will advise you about the financial protection arranged by the organizer in case of the organizer’s insolvency. We are only responsible for arranging the financial protection in the case when we are organizers of your package (see Section B Clause 5).


Taxes are a compulsory part of the reservation process. Whether you are reserving the airline or the hotel rooms, you have to pay the taxes. You can avail yourself of the opportunities of the coupon, voucher, or any faithfulness program. If you are availing of any of these opportunities provided by the airline or the hotels then you are dealing directly with them.

Dealers or What a Holiday have their own document which they have to follow. We have our own guidelines and principles for facilitating you. You should contact us directly if you have any queries. We will inform you about any special deal or offer through Themto.

Delivery of your bookings and E-tickets:

Keeping in mind that the airline you are booking your trip with may have different terms and conditions on e-ticketing. The service providers that are mentioned on our website will provide you any disposition or daily ticket, you have to follow their own rules and regulations. What a Holiday is not associated with any of the deals given by the service providers in e-ticketing. It is recommended that you look over the details by yourself and then make a decision.

Ticket Delivery:

We depend on the information you provide us so make sure you authenticate and reconfirm it before submitting it to us. If everything is accurate then your paper tickets will reach you on time. What a Holiday will not take any responsibility for the incorrect information provided. We will corporate with you as much as possible but you have to take some responsibility too so fill the form correctly enjoy the services on time.

Keeping in mind that if you change your telephone number or email address at any time during that period, then you should contact us for updating that information.

Tally your name spellings and the address with your tickets from the passport and ID card so that any mistake can be avoided. We only deal in addresses all over the UK and not outside of it. If you have a complex address then tell us about it in advance. If you do not receive your tickets on time then contact us and inform us about the situation beforehand.

If you have any other booking either from the What a Holiday or any other agent then do inform us about that too. If you need tickets from us then do inform us before the time. What a Holiday will really appreciate your act and will be able to deliver the tickets to you on time.

Keep in mind that some air services providers apply heavy charges and have a long process for the re-issuance of the lost tickets. The charges and duration of the process all depends on the airline which you have chosen for traveling. What a Holiday uses Royal Mall 1st class delivery of tickets if you do not receive your tickets at the given time, meaning in the 7 working days.

If you have not received your tickets after the completion of the seven-day period then you are recommended to contact us, not 48 hours late from then. If you have to depart early, then you can discuss this on the call. If you come to us within the given time period then it is possible that we adjust your ticket cost.

However, if you contact after the due date then the cost responsibility totally falls on you and you would have to pay what the airline is demanding from you for the next booking.

If you want to trace your parcel then that option is also available. We would have a clue about the dispatchers and the courier company. What a Holiday is not responsible for any mistake made by you or the service providers. We only take responsibility for the mistake that is done by us and our service providers.

If you contact us within 48 hours then we will provide you with the best possible alternate.  You have to produce the booking number and then confirm your email address. We will provide the best solution to your problems.

Cancellations or Modifications Terms:

You can cancel your booked package but the terms and conditions provided to the customers will totally depend on the service providers. What a Holiday does not claim to be a 100% secure refund. We are associated with service providers like hotels, airlines, and travelers on the destination. Your case will be dealt with accordingly. info@whataholiday.co.uk

You can easily cancel or readjust your bookings by simply contacting us on our phone number. Our agents are always on the line for helping you. You can also email us at info@whataholiday.co.uk. For canceling or readjusting the air tickets, hotels, and car services, you will have to follow their terms and conditions.


What a Holiday will charge 40% of your bookings of the rental if you make changes in your travel bookings within 7 days of your bookings. In the case, when we and the service providers are not able to readjust your booking then you would have to pay extra and give us in writing about all of those things which you need to get changed.

The same goes for readjusting the flight and other travel bookings. If you want to readjust your flight then you have to inform us beforehand for getting a written email confirmation from us.

For cars and other rental arrangements that you have booked, a no-show charge will be considered. Kindly note that, if you cancel the flight, then the cost of the flight will not be refunded in any way. This is our and our service provider’s policy.

Payment Terms:

Customers are requested to pay the full amount when they are booking a package and making a reservation. You might have to pay extra charges for the car rental’s model, quality and number of drivers, etc. You will be informed about the timings and collection of the payments for the flight. There are three ways of making the payment:

  1. Full payment at the time of reservation
  2. Deposit at time of reservation with the remainder payable amount on checkout
  3. Full payment on Checkout

The company has the right of canceling the package if the payment plan set at the time of booking is not met by the customer, without refunding the amount.

The information of your booking will be passed on to you via the confirmation email and the payment summary will lead you to determine the relevancy of your booking. The receiver of your payments will either be What a Holiday, the travel dealer, or the representative.

All the airlines will not have similar prices as the prices and the tax charge differ from country to country. For estimating the prices and the booking, we have to send the airline your credit/debit card credentials. Kindly note that the method of payment mentioned on the website are only valid, we do not have any other options. No Cash and No Cheques.

What a Holiday only issues tickets, packages, vouchers, and other travel documents only when the full payment is made by the customers.

What a Holiday is associated with IATA, the booked tickets will be sent to you after you have made a full payment, within a period of 24 hours. We accept payment by all means that are mentioned on the website.

You will be informed about the fares that are due and the schedule of your booking. We, at What a Holidays reserve the right to take back the charges of card chargebacks. What a Holiday and the other service providers are bound to provide you your ticket and other travel documents to the billing address mentioned on the credit card.

We are also bound to keep your information according to the 1998 Data protection act.

If we have any concerns regarding the billing payment then you will be contacted by us within 48 hours, after you have confirmed your booking. The rise and fall in the prices are not controlled by us neither are we liable so the customers would have to pay the difference by themselves. Also, note that the airline payment and payment to What a Holiday for any other product will appear as separate transactions on your credit card statement.

Passport, Visas and Health Terms:

This section holds information for UK nationals only. If you are temporary in the UK or are a citizen of EU member or other then kindly consult your embassy at first and ask about the necessary travel documents for holidays from the UK.

Your passport and identity card should be valid for more than the period of your trip. It also depends on the travel policies you are going to explore. So it is better that you get in touch with us and we discuss the matter.

If you need any information about the passport then kindly visit our site ukpa.gov.uk.

Travelers to the United States:

Kids under 16 who are traveling will need an altered passport with their parents and caretaker. If you are traveling to the US then the separate passport of a 16-year-old will work. And if the passport of the parent has expired then you would have to apply for a new passport that is to be attached with the passport of your kid.

Changing of name by any family member during the booking period and before the traveling, should be informed to us immediately so that we can make any major changes if required.

You should have a confirmed visa to the US before you book your trip to the destination with us. The Visa Waiver form can help you in this regard.

The Visa process for the US takes a long time so keep on checking it, even if you have a valid passport and other traveling documents. With the right documents, fulfill all your visa requirements. After you have received a confirmation email, you have the right to move on with your ticket bookings and other traveling necessities.

The health concern is also important. Britishers are recommended to take the health care tips for traveling. Traveling to the US has some health care requirements which you can read at www.dh.gov.us/PolicyAndGuidance.

Other Generally Applicable Terms:

We, at What a Holiday don’t take any legal responsibility in case of an emergency like injury, death, or an accident. We are not directly responsible or liable for it.

We acknowledge the international travel convention and respect the international traveling norms and can be held for any loss we are directly involved in. What a Holiday, in this case, is liable to pay the total amount of products and the services that are provided.

We cannot be held responsible for any indirect loss during the trips. Before contracting on a document, you should read each point by yourself and clear yourself according to the book.

Queries and Complaints:  

If you have any queries, complaints, objections, or suggestions, or anything, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service agents. If you have any concerns about the airlines or hotels or any other services then you’re views are welcome but you can also go to them personally with your complaint. If any help is needed during the trip, then our agents will remain in contact with you for easing you’re traveling experience.

The same goes for What a Holiday and our travel service providers, if we feel we need any information from you then we will contact you.

Note that this information is required by all the airlines going to or from the UK. They acquire the data of the passengers in advance, before traveling. You will give your information to What a Holiday with the consensus that it can be passed to the other airlines. They can further share the information with aviation and other foreign office officials.

It depends on the destination you are intended to fly in. The information that is mostly required is the passport, city, country, address, address of the person where you are going to stay. You will also provide us advance passenger information.

Customer Behavior Terms:

We do not accept inappropriate behavior in any way. Any act of yours which comes under the criminal code, might danger others or destroy the property of the others will definitely bring back bad consequences. We have the right to take strict action against anyone who does not follow these norms. We hold the complete right of canceling any booking immediately and hand the passenger directly over to the security personnel who can sue him/her with the penalties.

Use of the Site Terms and Conditions:

What a Holiday site is on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ grounds. We do not take responsibility for anything that happens to you by opening the link, viruses or other damages, and the dealings with the links given on our website.

Information on the Site:

To err is Human: We take full responsibility for any mistake or negligence that is given on our site. What a Holiday claims the information on the website in a broader scope. It is our responsibility to guide you and direct you in the best way possible. And we are constantly updating the data on the website. The prices, packages, rules, and regulations are always in motion and improving. Always keep your knowledge up to date by consulting with other sources.

One important thing: You should always recheck the information that is given on the site like Visa, passport, and other traveling requirements like Covid-19 vaccinations, etc.

We provide the updated information regarding our travel service providers. However, we don’t claim that everything on our website is accurate.

User Obligations Terms:

You are bound by the following obligations:

  • You shall claim financial responsibility for all the transactions that are made under your name and the bank account.
  • The information that you gave us about yourself and your family members shall all be true and accurate.
  • You must be 18 or above and should have authorized capability.
  • The site should not be used for speculative, false, or fraudulent bookings.
  • The communication of intimidating, insulting, pornographic, dogmatic, prejudiced material, or any other material is illegal and expressly forbidden.
  • · The site or any content on it may not be changed, copied, transferred, circulated, sold, exhibited, licensed, or duplicated in any way. Excluding that one copy of the material confined within the Site may be made for private, non-commercial use.

Denial of Access Terms:

What a Holiday

Holds the right of un-publishing the Site at any time without any prior notification.

Links to Third-Party Web Sites:

We don’t claim any responsibility for the hyperlinks that are used on our website. What a Holiday has nothing to do with those links, we do not have any official contract or anything. We only use links and take no responsibility whatsoever for their content.

Force Majeure:

We will not be responsible in any way for our site being hacked or if another party makes a duplicate of our content without our consent. What a Holidays holds no responsibility if any unforeseeable situations occur.

What a Holiday will not take any responsibility of failure towards the booking in case of a force majeure.

This includes wars, hijacking, natural disasters, accidents, political instability, and lockdowns that may affect the confirmed booking.

Keep yourself updated on the Covid-19 situation, its protocol, and the effects that it has on your scheduled flight.

The company will not take any responsibility for you missing your flights due to any concern related to Covid-19 regulations announced by the authorities.

Copyright and Trademarks:

What a Holiday is concerned about the copyrights and the trademarks it owes. Everything that is showcased on the website is an owner of the company and other associates. The name What a Holiday, Logos, and all the other trademarks are property of us and other stakeholders. Using them for other purposes is illegal, we have earned the right of suing in any such case. The same goes for other names and the trademarks of other businesses on our website. One does not have the right or license to use any trademark.

Privacy Policy:

The terms of What a Holiday Privacy Policy are combined into these Terms and Conditions. You should agree to the use of particular information by What a Holiday and its partners or third-party suppliers in agreement with the terms of and for the drives set forth in What a Holiday Privacy Policy.


What a Holiday is licensed and ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Customers who travel with us are protected with the ATOL-protected flights. ATOL protection is only for those clients who are the residents of the UK. If your flight is ATOL protected then it would be mentioned in your confirmation email with the ATOL number and website.